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  • Get the new DIY ‘Slacker’ sunnies by Flash Tattoos. Set includes a pair of metallic gold retro sunglasses with silver round mirrored lenses, 8 lens tattoos in four laid back-inspired designs, 4 remover wipes + ultra soft fabric sleeve.
  • Four fun and festive ways to add Flash bling to Slacker sunnies! 

  • Slacker, a metallic sliver and gold pair of sunglasses designed for laid back babes.  The set includes 4 lens tattoo phrases such as “But first coffee,” “Do not disturb,” “I’d rather be sleeping” and sleepy eye design in metallic gold. Customize your pair in a few simple steps!

  • “But first coffee” -The ‘Slacker’ sunnies by Flash Tattoos are a bold and edgy way to express yo’ self.  DIY according to your mood and unique style with party-inspired lens tattoos!  

  • Channel vacation mode in the new personalizeable ‘Slacker’ sunglasses by Flash Tattoos. A must have accessory for chilling at your favorite coffee house or playing hooky from work.  

  • Designed for laid back babes the ‘Slacker’ sunnies by Flash Tattoos are the ultimate statement bling. Add a personal touch by applying your choice of metallic temporary tattoo phrases directly on to the mirrored round lens, and can easily swap out the tattoos for a new look whenever the mood strikes.


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1 pair of sunnies + 8 lens tattoos
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1 pair of sunnies + 8 lens tattoos

For procratinistas, caffeinistas and babes permanently on vacation mode… shine on in the perfect pair of oversized retro-inspired sunnies! Whether you’re ignoring your to do list or chilling at your favorite coffee house, change up your vibe whenever the mood strikes by customizing your lenses with four Flashy phrases. Your vibe attracts your tribe, but frankly babes…you don’t give a damn!

Flash us your sunnies! #flashtatsunnies

Need a refill on your sunnies lens tattoos? Check here to shop the Slacker refill pack. 

• 1 pair of gold framed mirrored sunglasses
• 8 gold lens tattoos featuring 4 Flashy phrases: “But first coffee,” “Do not disturb,” “I’d rather be sleeping,” and sleepy eye design. The tattoos also include additional accent designs - coffee cups, moon & stars, zzz’s and shh! lips - for extra sparkle.
• 4 tattoo removal wipes to easily change up your look
• Super soft fabric sleeve to protect and clean your shades

• Oversized silver mirrored lenses with UV400 protection
• Lightweight frame in brushed gold finish
• Adjustable nose pads
• Frame Dimensions: 5.5” (W) x 2.25” (H), Lens diameter: 2.25"

Taking care of your sunnies:
• Always keep them in the provided protective sleeve to prevent scratches
• Avoid wearing them on top of your head to keep the original shape and strong joints
• Do not expose them to extreme heat for too long (like a super hot car) which may cause warping or melting
• Avoid saltwater and chemicals to protect the finish
• Use the sunnies fiber cloth sleeve to clean your lenses and keep them shining bright!
• Only use the wipes provided (Flash Off’s) to remove the tattoos from the lenses. Other wipes may cause damage to the lens. Flash Tattoos is not responsible for damages caused by alternate tattoo removal methods.

Click here to view warranty/return policy.


FLASH ON: You will be amazed by how quick and easy it is to apply your Flash Tattoos to sunnies with the help of a little water.

Step 1: Makes sure the lenses are CLEAN, DRY and free of any dirt or dust or the tattoo will not adhere. To clean your lenses use the fabric sleeve provided.

Step 2: Select your tattoo and cut sheet in half lengthwise. Set aside other half for later.

Step 3: Using SCISSORS, carefully cut out each individual tattoo exactly along the perforated line.

Step 4: Remove clear sheet.

Step 5: Line up the edge of the sheet with edge of the lens.

Step 6: Soak the back of the sheet with a wet paper towel and press down gently.

Step 7: Gently peel back the paper…tada!

FLASH OFF: Has your Flash lost its sparkle? It’s time to remove it and apply another one.

Step 1: Using the wipes provided, gently scrub off the tattoo (This takes some patience. And don’t worry if the lens color changes, this will go away once it dries).

Step 2: Please only use wipes provided for tattoo removal. More can be purchased on (click link above in product description)

Step 3: The lens MUST dry completely before applying your next Flash Tattoo.

For more tips and tricks to apply and maintain your Flash Tattoos and sunnies, visit the general section of our Frequently Asked Questions page. Shine on!


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